We can tell you how good the Energy Enhancement System is, but what you really want is to hear from our clients. She what they say about their experience, the EES and ReZENergize Sanctuary.

Based on 18 Reviews
Dynae Blake
February 14, 2024

Deanna is amazing!!! She helped me understand scalar waves and how they can help me. It’s so wonderful the peace and comfort found there!

Sheree Eppenger
November 28, 2023

My experience with EESystem Deanna and Jay was Amazing, my shoulder pain, lower back pain ( usually when I wake up in the mornings) it wasn't real bad but it's gone, my Energy is through the roof, looking forward to my next visit thank you Deanna and Jay looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Joe Johnson
November 27, 2023

My experience at ReZENergize was amazing I would have pain in my right shoulder when I would lay on it or through the night and in the mornings I would also have lower pain in my back some days when I wake up all the pain has gone away, I am really full of energy, I have more clarity and I have pretty clear skin anyway but when I looked at my skin several days later after returning home I was like WOW my skin is really beautiful, I am looking forward to my next treatment soon.

Melissa Boston
November 24, 2023

We invited some of our staff and business partners and had a fantastic experience. Deanna and her staff did an excellent job, making our team feel relaxed and comfortable. They go above and beyond. I highly recommend their facility.

Tyrone Shelton
November 22, 2023

It was one of if not the most relaxing and comfortable feeling I've experienced. I have to do it again and invite many loved ones that I want to share this amazing experience

Cheryl Johns
November 21, 2023

Loved the total Rezenergize experience, Deanna and J were very helpful, very informative, relaxing experience. They provided alkaline water, Provided detailed explanations of all other products they used at their facility. They also provided how and where to obtain items that I was interested in They went over and above to provide a wonderful experience. I would gladly recommend and revisit this facility.

August 16, 2023

Like most people, I live in a stressful environment. The everyday chatter and emotional weight of my day can be extreme to put it mildly. The second I step into the EESystem my body begins to relax and settle down. Within 15 minutes my heart rate comes down and the tension leaves is gone. In addition to the mental and emotional effects I have noticed physical ones too. For example, I have put off my 4th knee surgery for about 6 years. At times I had great difficulty walking my dogs down the street. The way my knee is feeling now? I might start running again after a few more sessions. I will post an update when That happens. More to come!”

“The device uses some sort of scalar wave function. I was able to feel the energy moving through parts of my body. The environment was relaxing and very comfortable. The singing bowls were an added bonus.”
Joe H.
Jun 12, 2023
“I had such a lovely experience at ReZENergize! Deanna was very welcoming and full of knowledge. I scheduled an overnight EES Light Therapy session for my dog who has a cancerous tumor in his nose. His symptoms have been better since this appointment. Deanna made my dog and me feel comfortable and at home the whole time. The location feels private and quiet. I would recommend her services if you’re considering a wholistic treatment.”
Jun 12, 2023
“I went to Rezenergize with an open mind; waited 24 hours to give this review. Immediately you can feel the calm & openness. Today I definitely notice a reduced tingling in my fingers & no joint pain.”
Jun 07, 2023
“I went to Rezenergize with an open mind; waited 24 hours to give this review. Immediately you can feel the calm & openness. Today I definitely notice a reduced tingling in my fingers & no joint pain.”
Rebecca H.
Jun 04, 2023
“Deanna is very calming and personable. She started the session with an explanation of everything, followed by soothing singing bowls. The session was peaceful and relaxing. The sanctuary was beautiful inside and out.”
Jun 03, 2023
“My nervous system is way out of whack, and I've been spending the last few years finding ways to get back into balance. I have recently found the EE system, and it is amazing. I just go in and lay there; don't have to do anything, and just let the energy be received by my body. It feels so good in the body - however hard my mind tries to be negative and unhealthy, the energy can't help but be absorbed and make me feel alive and refreshed. After the session (which was 2 hours for me), I feel calmer and like I can see the world clearer.”
Michael C.
May 29, 2023
“After an overnight session, I woke up feeling energized and breathing much easier. I now have ore focus, more clarity, etc. I feel like I have been cleansed of unwanted weight of the past. ❤❤ Thank-You Deanna!”
Paul G.
May 28, 2023
“I had been feeling overly stressed. I did a 2 hour session on the EESystem and added Bemer Therapy. I slept great that night and woke full of energy and my body just felt good. No aches and pains. The session was relaxing and calming. Will go again.”
Julia M.
May 20, 2023
“As someone who deals with chronic health issues, including autoimmune and pain from degenerative disc and arthritis changes with nerve injury in my neck and hands, I have had approximately 4 separate 2 hour sessions and one overnight session. I went in the first two times with a severe flare up of pain in my neck and down my arm due to known cervical nerve root injury. I was desperate for any relief and my friend encouraged me to try it.

Between the scalar wave session and Bemer device my pain was back to baseline and really better than baseline after two sessions. I have been on a journey of healing and being the master of my own embodiment for years now and this technology has allowed me to get out of ‘fight or flight’ and seems to balance my autonomic nervous system every time.

This has manifested as improved hunger signals (when sick or in pain or stressed, my body typically responds with severe GI issues and nausea … because of short bowel due to surgical resections times two), and better capacity to be present with others. It’s allowed me to navigate some very stressful recent circumstances with my highest self as opposed to my reactive self. It’s been like the deepest and cleanest form of relaxation ever.

Deanna is amazing, wise, hospitable and truly a wonderful human. Hoping to bring my family in for an overnight session soon to see if we notice any changes. Highly recommend this….

Signed, ~ a physician who has tried everything else.”
May 19, 2023