BEMER sends a low intensity pulsed electromagnetic field into the body to stimulate and condition muscles, which increases temporary blood flow to those muscles for improved performance and recovery.

BEMER can Enhance:

  • Oxygen Delivery & Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • Muscle Performance: Strength, Conditioning and Recovery
  • Vitality: Energy and Endurance
  • Stress Reduction: Relaxation and Rest

At ReZENergize Sanctuary we offer BEMER sessions as an add-on to your Scalar Wave System Session. Just like with the Scalar Wave System, the Bemer helps you body to remove toxins and there for you need to drink a lot of water. 

If you would life to find out more information about BEMER or who like to purchase one for home use visit:

Jay Bilunas, part of the ReZENergize Staff,  is an Independent Bemer Distributor who can assist you and answer you questions.

Bemer Sessions at ReZENergize

Bemer sessions can be added on to a Scalar Waves Session for just an additional $20.

Individual Sessions without Scalar

  • $35/session – 20 min
  • $65/ Session – 40 Min

Package Sessions without Scalar

  • $250 – 20 Min – 10 Sessions ($25/session)
  • $400 – 20 Min – 20 Sessions ($20/session)

Bemer Rentals

Rentals are available through BeDoLiveWellness

$400 for 2 weeks

  • We will create a usage plan for you
  • Provide you with tracking chart (Digital or Paper Copy)
  • Must agree to a 5 minute call each day if this is your first rental
    • This ensure you are using the Bemer correctly
    • This allows us to make adjustments to you plan if we need to

Add a BEMER Session to your  Scalar Wave System session for just $20