BEMER sends a low intensity pulsed electromagnetic field into the body to stimulate and condition muscles, which increases temporary blood flow to those muscles for improved performance and recovery.

BEMER can Enhance:

  • Oxygen Delivery​ & Carbon Dioxide Removal
  • Muscle Performance: Strength, Conditioning and Recovery
  • Vitality: Energy and Endurance
  • Stress Reduction: Relaxation and Rest

At ReZENergize Sanctuary we offer BEMER sessions as an add-on to your Enhanced Energy Session. Just like with the EESystem the Bemer helps you body to remove toxins and there for you need to drink a lot of water. 

Add a BEMER Session to your  EESystem session for just $20

If you would life to find out more information about BEMER or who like to purchase one for home use visit:

Jay Bilunas, part of the ReZENergize Staff,  is an Independant Bemer Distributor who can assist you and answer you questions.