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Let’s Talk About Detoxing! 

Anytime you’re cleansing your body; dietary, fasting, herbal, supplemental, or the kind of cleanse a lot of people experience with the EE System, your body is always detoxing to some degree.

Keep in mind that the body is designed to detox all the time. Part of its job is to sort everything that comes in, directing the nutrients to the cells, while gathering all the waste to put out with the trash! 

Sometimes when we are overloaded with toxins from our food, water, air, and environment, toxins begin to accumulate in the body. When we become toxic, our bodily systems break down. It can lead to illness and deteriorating health. 

When we help our body clear itself of harmful substances, through a detox, it does it in two phases. The first phase of the detoxification process creates noxious molecules. The second phase neutralizes those molecules. If the second phase can’t keep up with the first phase, you can experience the Herxheimer reaction.

The Herxheimer Reaction is only temporary, but you can feel worse before you feel better. You may experience headaches, muscle soreness or joint pain. 

There are things you can do to avoid the Herxheimer Effect and make your detox easier. These include taking a detox bath after an EES session and drinking plenty of water.

The detox bath helps to pull the toxins and radiation out of your body. So you need to soak for at least 30-40 minutes. While drinking lots of clean water helps flush the toxins out.

I often remind members that it’s best to have a river of water to wash away the dirt as opposed to a trickle or small stream. In our center we  use another device called the Bemer, that helps increase blood flow which in turn helps remove toxins from the cells. We are constantly reminding people who use the Bemer to drink plenty of water because: 

“The Bemer moves blood not mud” – Deanna

It has been my experience, and I’ve witnessed it in others, if you don’t give the body a river of water to wash away the dirt, your body will find other less convenient or less comfortable ways to get the poisons out. 

Example 1:

A member who is recovering from addiction came to the center for an EES session. After her session I reminded her of the importance of taking the detox bath within 24 hours of her EE session. I called to check on her about a week later and see how she was doing. “I am a bit nervous to come back because I had diarrhea for 3 days after my last visit.” She said. I asked if she had taken a bath. “I got busy and didn’t have time, and then I forgot.” 

She didn’t take a bath. 

Example 2: 

A member who had had cancer treatments over the last year came for a session.  She wanted to see if the EES might help her recover from all the treatments, the brain fog, and low energy.  This member had another surgery coming up and wanted  to come to help improve her surgery results. When I checked on her a week later she said, “I would love to come back because I really noticed a whole lot more mental clarity but I have such a terrible cold, congestion and phlegm I need to rest.” I asked if she had taken the bath with the salt mix we gave her? She confessed that she hadn’t had a chance to get in the bath. 

She didn’t take a bath. 

Example 3: 

I asked a returning member how she was doing and what she noticed since her last visit? She said, “I noticed the next day I felt really grouchy, short tempered and unpleasant. At first I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then I realized I just needed another bath. After I got out I was right as rain!” The bath can do more than just draw the toxins out of the body, it also helps improve PH. When you decrease the acid levels in your body, it can improve any acidic mood you might experience. 

Lastly, we have a staff member working with us and is in the energy most of the time. In the weeks following our installation I often asked, “Have you had a bath the last couple days?” (He wants me to mention I was working him like a borrowed mule! 🤣) 

He hadn’t taken a bath at all, though we were warned we really need to take a detox bath being in the energy all the time.

The next day he got all congested, stuffy and started to get sick. I immediately gave him a bag of detox salt and sent him straight into the tub! 

He sat for his 40 minute bath, rinsed off, and after he was done I asked how he felt ….TA-DA! He immediately started feeling better and his congestion was lessened. He was better in a few days. The bath WORKS!

Consider for a moment what it’s like when you decide to remodel a kitchen, bath, or even a whole house! It is going to get way messier before it gets better. I think it’s kind of like that when you’re upgrading your body, there are going to be some things that are dying off, some things are letting go, things that no longer serve us. If you have a whole rushing river to wash away waste, it’s so much easier to get clean than trying to stand under a shower that’s clogged and all it does is trickle. 

I think the lesson is that the body will find a way. I imagine the body saying, “we can do this the easy way, (imagine one of the mob’s goons punching his fist into his other hand) or the hard way. Which do you prefer?” 

Do the bath. Do two! It can only help. Taking a bath and drinking water is the easiest way!

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