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Gratitude Can Have Profound Effects

Gratitude can have a profound effect on your EES experience. When members begin their session, right after singing bowls, I often suggest they count their blessings, and everything they’re grateful for.

I believe there is great power available to us all in the zero point energy of the EESystem. By carefully considering what you want to create, being conscious of where your mind goes and what you give your attention to while in the sanctuary, it is possible to magnify your results.

I attended a class with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael last fall. Shortly after that we found ourselves in Las Vegas at a 24 unit EES, I decided to commit myself fully to her instructions.

I got into the system, got into gratitude and then got into rest. I sat down, meditated to get my mind quiet and then began to say ‘thank you’ for every single thing I could think of. I even said thank you for all the terrible people I’d experienced that ended up changing my life for the better! I am still human and can’t always be thankful for the struggles until I am all the way through them and can see the good in the end.

I thought about all the people I love and replayed in my mind all the best moments I’d shared with them. I thanked every teacher/trainer/guru/mentor that had helped me in my journey. I let a smile take over my face as I sat there with my eyes closed, playing the very best memory movies one by one.

Little by little my heart felt like it was expanding like inflating a balloon. I was partnering with the universal energy in that room at the highest level I was capable of.

I was amazed at the miracles that followed:

  • The very next day after my experiment with intentional gratitude in the 24 unit system we were approved for a loan for our own EESystem. We had been turned down repeatedly for 3 months!
  • We also received a free flight in a jet to Vancouver the next day to see a sick friend.
  • I also had a total healing of some sort of painful, fungal type, calloused infection in my fingers. I had been putting several different medicines on it for 3 weeks and nothing was working. When I looked at my fingers the next day I was dumbfounded.

The people at HeartMath teach us to hold those thoughts of gratitude to bring our hearts into coherence. Heart/Brain coherence can create a ripple of love that goes out into the world just like dropping a pebble into the lake. What a powerful force of love we can become by allowing the EES field to multiply intentions, desires and gratitude and send it back multiplied.

Come and try it for yourself! Then tell us your experience. We look forward to it.

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