Deanna Meditating on a Rock

A New Meditation Rock

David and I were away on a short vacation. Boy was it a welcome break from all the hectic flurry of getting all the bugs worked out of opening up our EESystem!

While we were out for a short walk on the beach I saw this very big and very perfect rock for meditating! I turned and said to David enthusiastically, “Oh!! David!! This is the PERFECT meditation rock!! Look at it!! It’s nice and flat on top, it’s THE PERFECT MEDITATION ROCK!!”

The Perfect RockI continued to look at the other rocks to compare, “See, that one is too pointed, and that one has the cupped spot facing the wrong direction, none of those are good at all.” He looked at me a little unsure. I continued, “I need your help. I need you to slather me in sunscreen & get a towel to fold up and sit here to do my meditation.

David sighed with relief and said, “Oh thank God, I thought for sure you wanted me to help you figure out how we could get it home!!” I burst out laughing, he knows me so well.

The reason that was so funny is because he has watched me over the years as I am always looking for and picking up rocks to bring home with me. He also knows I have been looking for the perfect outdoor meditation perch! Always sizing up the perfect large stump or log, or a hanging chair from a tree, or a buffalo skin on the ground, some little comfortable spot for a cross legged posture that I can maintain for 15-30 minutes.

The most amazing outcomes I have had with the EESystem have been when I started out my time with a good meditation and sitting quietly to count all my blessings and give thanks for every good thing that I could think of.

Sometimes I even get happy and grateful about indoor plumbing!! Aren’t you so grateful that we don’t have to use an outhouse in the cold, in the dark, in the rain? Then, after I have meditated a bit, I do my best to rest and let my body do the work to heal itself with the support of the EES.

As David and I walked back towards our resort I said with determination, “We will be taking home one perfect rock.” He simply replied, “can we at least agree on the size?”

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